7 Minutes Vocal Warm Up – Latest Update

Available now on the Play Store.

After a couple of months being released on the Play Store, the 7 Minutes Vocal Warm Up has been download for more than 60K times, and received many positive feedback from users. I’m really grateful for it. I feel the responsibility to update the app and give more content and value to all of the users. So in the version 2 update, I added many things. Here are some of them.

Breathing exercises! Yes, finally this is included in the app. Although not too many, but I only included the ones that I feel are the most useful and effective. There are 5 breathing exercises, all with the audio guide, and the description text.

Three modes of vocal warm up, easy, regular, and extra. Easy is when you just want to exercise your voice lightly, or you want to warm up the voice in the morning. So the easy mode consist of exercises with a smaller range and easier patterns. Regular is just the regular warm up routine, do it for around 7 minutes and you should be ready to go. The extra one is when you need more after the regular warm up, or you can just jump straight into extra and give your voice a good workout.

Recovery mode. This is not meant to be a therapy for vocal damage, but this is a set of exercises to get you going again from a vocal resting period. So if you do have a vocal damage, I recommend seeing a physician first before doing any vocal exercise.

Cooling down. Our speaking voice is in a way different than our singing voice. When we speak, our voice is kind of light and easy. But when we sing, it’s like our voice become thicker and in a sort of ready-fight mode. So I believe cooling down the voice after a good session of singing is necessary to keep our voice away from injury. So basically what we do when we cool down our voice is we take it down to the regular state, the light and easy speaking voice.

Download now on the Play Store.

So, I really hope that you enjoy the update! If you have any suggestion or anything at all, you can contact me through my email.

Thank you!

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  1. Abdul karimi Reply


    I download this app because I want to improve my voice to become deeper because I am taking public speaking is this the right app for me? thank you because I like this app alot…

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