Kordi Guitar Chord is Released On The Play Store

Kordi app is available on the Play Store

There are already tons of guitar related app out there. But somehow I felt the need to build and release one myself. I wanted to make a very simple app that is very usable for beginners. Especially since I work mostly with singers, I imagine most of my users will be from that group.

In today’s world, I believe that singers have to be more independent. They have to be able to write their own songs, arrange and produce their own music, and most of all able to accompany him/herself in a performance. That’s where guitar skill comes in handy.

Kordi Guitar Chord app, is as simple as it can be for an app that has 132 chords in tabs, finger pictures, and one that differentiate Kordi from other apps, a sound sample from each of the chord. Just pick a combination of root note and chord quality, voila, very clear, and loud, since there’s the sound sample.

There are 11 chord qualities for each root notes, so that makes 132 combinations. I picked the chord qualities based on the popularity of it and the simplicity. I don’t want to include any complex chords for now, since this app is targeted towards singers or beginner guitar players. But I’m sure the 11 chord qualities are enough to play most popular song progressions.

I’m privileged to have jazz guitarist Robert Mulyarahardja to help me with the process of making this app. Every chord sound sample and every fingering pictures were taken from him. So I can say you are in safe hands. Robert is a guitarist who definitely knows what he’s doing.

You can download the app for free on the Play Store.

If you have any suggestions for Kordi’s future updates please do let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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